The wanderer above the mists – research on Works of Art

Vision on Works of Art: The Wanderer above the Mists

Information on the work of art

  • Name: The Wanderer above the Mists
  • Author: Caspar David Friedrich
  • Year: 1818
  • Typology: Oil on Canvas
  • Dimensions: 98,4 cm x 74,8 cm

In-depth analysis and study on

  • Essence of this work of art
  • The deep feelings imprinted in the painting
  • The profound reason why the authors painted this work
  • The original message the author wanted to leave for posterity
  • Historical curiosities not written in books or on the web:
    • • What was the author’s state of mind while painting this work?
    • • What did the sea of fog represent for Caspar David Friedrich?
    • • Is the wanderer a self-portrait of the painter himself?

What we found

  • The painting depicts Caspar David Friedrich himself and not Friedrich Gotthard von den Brinken, as has been speculated.
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