Essence Research

Pioneering. Innovative. Unique.

Who we are

Corrado Damiano & Agnese Fondi, Spirit scientists and Essence researchers.
We are pioneering Creators of the science of the future.

Corrado Damiano
History of research

Origins and development

In the early 2000s, Corrado attended several personal growth courses. This is where his profound interest in the development of human potential began. After a few years, dissatisfied with the sterility and emptiness of techniques, canalisations and meditations, he broke away from that world and embarked on his own holistic research.
In a decade, he has experienced this on countless people, accumulating a vast experience that has led him to mature his vision.
In 2015, he met Agnese and through their work in synergy, the research acquired new ways of application, expanded into previously unexplored fields, but above all reaches the Essence.
In 2019, they created together and founded their essence research business.
From then until today, they offer services worldwide to individuals, companies and organisations.

Researching the Essence

Our occupation

We seek deep reality through the fusion of vision, depth of feeling and analysis leading to the core of everything, the Essence. We obtain information beyond apparent reality, not otherwise accessible.
We encode and translate the invisible.

Pioneering: We do a job that does not exist in the world and we embark on a road never travelled before

Innovation: We create a new dimension of knowledge: we discover and revolutionise every area in it.

Uniqueness: By combining concrete choices with research, the New manifests itself, the future that is not yet visible but is already present.

Vision Mission Values

the Project

VISION: Manifesting a new science.
Apply research in new fields and expand it into the world.
Create connections and working synergies with professionals and organisations interested in building a new future based on depth and long-term vision.

MISSION: Drive and achieve all set goals.

VALUES: Originality, Concreteness, Absoluteness


Spirit Scientists and essence researchers

We conduct consultations entirely online worldwide, via call, video call on whatsapp, skype, zoom and e-mail.
Available in italian, english and french.

Do you want to collaborate with us?


Do you want to collaborate with us?

Are you interested in integrating new knowledge into your work?

Do you want to enter into a working synergy and create something new?